Our People

Paul Notaras, Shaun Hannah, Alastair Wright and Chris Packett (Executive Directors) founded Altis in 2008 and each have extensive experience in real estate, investment management and finance.


Our people and culture are our most valued asset. We are dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining people who are passionate, inquisitive, highly committed and competent with a strong desire to outperform.

Executive Directors

Shaun Hannah

Executive Director Real Estate

Paul Notaras

Executive Director Investment Management

Alastair Wright

Executive Director Finance & Operations

Chris Packett

Executive Director Asset & Development Management

Specialist Funds | Portfolio Management

Mark Flockhart

Director Large Format Retail

Gareth Price

Director Capital Transactions

Daniel Jarosch

Investment Director

Anthony White

Investment Analyst

Christopher Yoo

Investment Analyst

Marco Cunningham

Investment Analyst

Luke Bryant

Assistant Investment Manager

Asset & Development Management

Tammy Callaghan

Director Asset Management

Trent Watkins

Development Director

Stephen O’Connor

Project Director

Joseph Ajaka

Project Director

Sam Salteri

Development Manager

Dan Malone

Development Manager

Ian Bullock

Asset Manager

Rosie Van Epen

Asset Manager

Janice Saw

Projects Manager

Melina Kyprianou

Project Assistant

Finance, Accounting & Admin

Samantha Young

Finance Manager

Maria Barresi

Finance Manager

Brooke Bourne

Finance Manager

Angela Grisdale

Finance Manager

Hadis Jalaee

Finance Manager

Kathryn Willingham

Office Manager