Key Differentiation

We Are ... We Are Not ...
Privately owned with the Principals and key executives integral to deal flow, execution and exit with personal capital on the line. A corporate / AREIT or Institutional with Parent Entity co-investment only.
Team that is nimble/focused/passionate with a flat, responsive management structure. Bureaucratic/hierarchal, distracted or conflicted by existing assets/platforms.
About the “Real Estate first” and absolute performance. A Funds Under Management play.
Managing every asset as a project Taking a passive approach to asset management
Strategic Partner with financial strength/credibility. Required to grow/invest no matter where the market cycle.
Specialists in sectors, markets and activities (value add to development). Trying to be all things to all people.
Investment approach driven by relationships, research and rigorous due diligence and risk management. Making investments purely for scale, status and earnings growth.
Committed to strong alignment and a partnership philosophy with Investors. Driven by personal wealth/remuneration tied to Parent Entity equity.
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