Investment Approach

Real estate is an asset class subject to cycles depending on underlying supply and demand fundamentals in the financial, property and occupier markets.

The pricing of real estate is inefficient providing the opportunity for value enhancing investing.

Altis applies a disciplined approach focusing on real estate fundamentals, skilled asset management with a strong emphasis on understanding and mitigating risk to maximise the opportunity for outstanding returns.


Altis is dedicated to a partnership approach with Investors. The key elements of our approach include strong alignment, transparent communication and co-investment with our Investor Partners.

Altis is committed to close relationships with its key customers including financiers, tenants, joint venture partners, agents, consultants and contractors.

Our investment strategy is dynamic and seeks to take advantage of market inefficiencies to deliver outstanding risk adjusted returns. We adopt an analytical approach that combines macro level research and bottom-up assessment from the asset level. This approach, combined with the Principals deep industry networks and contacts, provides Altis Investor Partners unique access to high quality investment opportunities.

The strategies adopted include asset class selection, value creation and targeted development with the main objective improve the assets cash-flow or manufacture investment grade assets into liquid markets.

Altis Investment Markets

  • Sectors and Geography
    Altis invests in all major asset classes including office, industrial, retail and residential across major centres in Australia.
Altis Investment Strategies
  • Value Creation
    Acquisition of real estate assets which have significant cash flow and value enhancement potential through creative and active asset management, including targeted capital expenditure, tenancy lease-up, asset and tenancy repositioning and operating efficiencies.

  • Development & Trading
    Participation in select development opportunities to capitalise on markets with favourable supply/demand dynamics. Risk mitigation strategies include tenancy or purchaser pre-commitments, locked in building contracts and targeting markets which possess low barriers to entry.
  • Recapitalisations or Joint Ventures
    In select circumstances recapitalisations of assets requiring funding or in structures that have a financial issue. Recapitalisations can be at an entity or real estate level either directly or via Joint Ventures.
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